El hijo mayor de Robin Williams se convierte en padre y rinde tributo al difunto actor

El actor estadounidense Robin Williams, en un evento en 2013.
El actor estadounidense Robin Williams, en un evento en 2013.
El actor estadounidense Robin Williams, en un evento en 2013.

Zak Williams, hijo mayor de Robin Williams, acaba de convertirse en padre y ha querido rendir homenaje al difunto actor. El pequeño se llama McLaurin Clement Williams en honor al protagonista de La Señora Doubtfire cuyo segundo nombre era McLaurin. Hubiese sido el primer nieto de la estrella que se suicidó en 2014.

Robin dejó de consumir drogas cuando tuvo a Zack con Valerie Velardi, su primera mujer. Sus otros dos hijos Zelda y Cody nacieron fruto de un segundo enlace con Marcia Garces. Cuando se quitó la vida con un cinturón, el actor, de 63 años, estaba casado con Susan Schneider. "Le quedaban tres años de vida y estaba paranoico", según relató su viuda.

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“There’s no education in place to tell you how to deal with this. To balance how to grieve privately with your family and then also to have to grieve publicly. While it was nice to be heard, I was spending time on the outer layer instead of on the inside. It wasn't just the survivor network for me, it was the whole world.” Zak is the son of beloved comedian Robin Williams- a suicide loss survivor, entrepreneur, investor, and mental health advocate. He serves on the board for Bring Change To Mind, an org whose mission is to end the stigma and discrimination around mental illness by creating campaigns, storytelling movements, and youth programs to encourage diverse and cultural conversation around mental health. I prepared for days before, even venting to a dear friend moments before Zak arrived. Would I make a fool of myself? Would I accidentally say ‘Oh Captain, My Captain’ and burst into tears? I was overwhelmed.Then my friend said something important -they said, “Be yourself, share your pain. His pain is the same.Remember who you are and why you’re there.” So that’s what I did. In front of me sat a man who lost a loved one to suicide. A man who understood the same level of devastation as I did, as so many of us do. I shared my story, of attempt and loss. Then I was honored that he shared with me his feelings of loss, devastation and growth. THAT is what I strive for: To create a safe space for ANYONE who’s been touched by suicide so they feel able to share. For 90 min, we were just 2 people who had lost someone, and found a common ground in our pain. After he left, I packed up, got in my car and started to drive.Then immediately I realized, OH YEAH, I’m not ok. I pulled over to the nearest park and I sobbed for 30 minutes. The tears were a culmination of what I’d accomplished in 18 months, they were hearing this man tell me my project was “extraordinary” and that he was happy to be part of it. That somehow, through the death of my sweet brother, I’ve been able to provide a safe space for Zak Williams and so many other people. It was a defining moment for me and for my project. I’m so fortunate to share words and photos from Zak’s session with you all week.

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Solo un año después de la muerte de Williams, Zack contaba a People el enorme hueco que había dejado su padre: "Intentamos concentranos en los momentos y recuerdos felices, pero seguimos sufriendo".

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