Aitana presenta su libro. GTRES

Aitana Ocaña, segunda finalista de Operación Triunfo 2017, presentó el pasado miércoles 17 de octubre su libro de poemas, La tinta de mis ojos.

La catalana, que reconoció que este libro le ha servido como terapia, se enfrentó a duras críticas por la calidad de sus dibujos y poemas.

Ahora, añade una más. La artista catalana ha reconocido que uno de los retratos de su libro ha sido publicado sin el permiso de la persona retratada, que responde al nombre de Natalia Castellar Calvani, ni de la autora de la fotografía, su hermana Bianca.

Bianca hizo saber su malestar a través de Instagram y aseguró estar "muy molesta" por este asunto que descubrió "gracias a un fan".

"Hace ya un par de días que conozco esta situación y trato de procesar cómo me siento al respecto porque no es la primera vez que tengo problemas con la copia o manipulación de mi trabajo", asegura.

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I am extremely upset about this book. I’ve known about this situation for a couple of days now and I’ve been trying to process how I feel about it because this is not the first time that I’ve had issues with my work being copied or manipulated by others without my knowledge or consent for profit. It’s crazy because this is from JULY, and I am just now finding out thanks to a fan. Let me be extremely honest here, I am struggling as a creative. Being based in Virginia does not allow for me to take advantage of opportunities that are presented to me sometimes, and I work very hard from home to make a name for myself. I have a very small platform compared to the subjects that I photograph, and while my work may easily circulate without being credited, it does not excuse other creatives excluding me as the source when they are using my work as a base for theirs. My shot of Natalia (my sister) in the red sweater has been viewed by millions and reposted by the hundreds of thousands across the internet and social media. That image has been the subject of lectures in arts classes told to me by a professor from Milan and posted on hundreds of moodboards by big companies all around the world. I am TIRED of not being able to enjoy those accomplishments because I am not being given the credit that I deserve. This entertainer @aitanax puts in her post that she has put her illustrations alongside her poems in the book she has published. I wouldn’t have been bothered by this had she stated that they were also alongside her versions of work she was inspired by. It’s misleading, and it makes me wonder how many other artists she has done this to. I’m making this post in hopes that she sees it, and that you all credit those that create, whether it’s for you or your enjoyment as a fan. I have gotten booked for being tagged on big platforms, it’s insane what something so small can do, and it costs you nothing! I refuse to stay silent on this problem, especially in the industry, even if it means burning bridges. #CallItOut #AitanaOcaña

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Ante el revuelo, a Aitana no le ha quedado más remedio que reconocer su "error".

"Lo dibujé hace dos años con una fotografía que encontré en Tumblr. Ni siquiera estaba etiquetada la autora de dicha fotografía y ademas lo hice para mi blog de dibujo en segundo de bachillerato. Estuve buscando durante un tiempo de dónde pude sacar esa fotografía, y, cuando la encontré de nuevo en Tumblr, no ponía ni de quién era la fotografía ni quién era ella, dijo la extriunfita en un comunicado en sus redes.